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Mount Eliza unit QR CodeG’day,

It’s Lloyd Borrett here, Cheryl’s partner.

On Friday, 2nd March 2012, we added a Quick Response (QR) Code to the display board in front of Cheryl’s home unit for sale at 5/67 Canadian Bay Road, Mount Eliza. Well, why wouldn’t we. It’s just so easy to do, and costs nothing to do.

If just a handful of people were to use the QR Code to access the shortened uniform resource locator (URL) web page address embedded into the code, and ‘click’ through to this Mount Eliza Unit For Sale blog, then that would indeed be a good result.

Of course, QR Codes are a relatively new technology and only just starting to be used in Australia for marketing purposes. Thus you wouldn’t think there would be many people around who would recognise a QR Code on a display board, let alone then actually use their smartphone or tablet to take a photo of it and ‘click’ through to this website.

Well, that’s what I thought, so I was thinking that we’d see very little web site traffic via the QR Code. In fact, I thought we’d be lucky if even one person did it.

Keep in mind that this QR Code is on an ordinary real estate display board, just like the thousands you see in the suburbs of any major city each day. And, like most such real estate display boards, it’s not in a prime advertising position where there are the hundreds or thousands of passers by that those paying to use prime commercial outdoor advertising locations are expecting.

On Monday night I checked the history of the use of the shortened web URL encoded into the QR Code on the display board. I found that after just three days there had already been 12 clicks. Simply amazing!

Now we know one of the clicks was me testing the QR Code when it was created. So that means we’ve actually had eleven real clicks from people who have seen the QR Code on the display board and used it. Still fantastic.

Of course, time will tell if what the people found on this web site when they clicked through, inspired them to want to see Cheryl’s Mount Eliza home unit for themselves and contact Eview Real Estate Partners, our real estate agents.

Mount Eliza unit display board with QR Code

The QR Code on the display board at the Mount Eliza unit for sale.

Our reasons for doing this WordPress based blog and using online technology to help our real estate agent sell Cheryl’s home unit are simple.

First we can. I know a thing or two about online marketing, social media, digital PR and web technology. It’s what I do. See my profile on LinkedIn.

Second, most real estate agents don’t have the knowledge, time or resources to do this stuff. But we do. It’s in our best interest to help our agent to uniquely promote our property and enhance our prospects for better sales results.

Thirdly, no real estate agent can know the property as well as we do. Providing information to excite and engage buyers with socially-driven photos, videos and stories about the home unit and what it’s like to live in the Mount Eliza area, as we’re doing on this blog, just might help to make the property more attractive to a prospective buyer.

Plus this gives me an opportunity to try a few ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas not commonly being used by the majority of real estate agents. Such as this experiment with QR Codes. Sure, it’s a very limited experiment, with only partially quantified results, but it’s looking very promising so far.

Once again, the web proves to be unpredictable. The major thing you learn in online sales and marketing is that you can never assume anything about what will or won’t work online. Until you test, measure and compare it, you won’t know for sure. And the results from that process are often the opposite of what you’d expect.

Real Estate Agent use of QR Codes

Those in the real estate game should be considering using QR Codes, especially given it would cost them nothing to do it, and it’s so easy to do.

When a real estate agent lists a property anywhere in Australia, the vast majority of the properties end up with multiple web site pages advertising the property. The property will typically be listed on and/or More than likely, there will also be a listing for the property on the real estate agent’s own web site. And each of these listings has a unique URL that can be encoded into a QR Code.

The real estate agent can easily set up an account with a URL shortening service such as bitly, for free. These services enable you to collect, organize, shorten and share links.

The real estate agent can then use that free account to generate a QR Code image file with the unique URL for the web page of the property’s listing on their own web site embedded into it, for free.

The real estate agent can give that QR Code image file, together with the other images for the property, to whoever they use to produce the display board and printed flyers/brochures.

Thus it would cost the real estate agent nothing extra to have the QR Code on their display boards and flyers.

The real estate agent can use the free account to access the information about how many times the QR Code was used to ‘click’ through to the web page, and let their clients know as well.

It’s a value added service to their clients, for free. There aren’t many of those in the real estate game.

If the use of the QR Code generates just one extra inquiry, the real estate agent is ahead of the pack.

And if such an inquiry results in an offer, or helps to drive other offer prices up, then the real estate agent and the client will be very happy.

Track, measure and analyse

The unique features of QR Codes, combined with the use of web analytics, means you can easily track and measure what advertising methods are working best for your real estate business.

No doubt you know that you can add unique identifying codes to the web page URLs that you use in emails, adverts etc. For example: in an email, in a print advert, for the display board etc. Doing so then enables you to use web analytics to track, measure and analyse just how many times the URLs are being used, plus relate them to their source and destination.

But of course we typically don’t do this because these URLs are so lengthy and cumbersome nobody would type them in. Or we just don’t have the space to print them in adverts or on flyers. Enter the URL shortening service.

You can put the long and cumbersome tracking URL through the shortening service and get something like Now you can actually find space to use the shortened URL in printed form and some people just might enter it into their browser. Plus the URL shortening service can tell you how many times each of those unique shortened URLs has been used.

But now you can also turn the shortened URL into a QR Code. So in each print advert, on each display board, and on the flyer for each property, you print a QR Code image generated using the shortened form of its corresponding tracking URL. And again, you get to track, measure and analyse their use.

That’s the beauty of online sales, marketing and communications done properly. It’s finally possible to actually know what is working and what isn’t, plus accurately measure the differences any changes make.


Listen in to what technology journalist Anthony Caruana said about how you can use QR Codes to harvest a wealth of information, including a mention of what we’re doing here. It went to air in the ‘Games and Apps’ segment on ABC Radio National Drive with Waleed Aly at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, 6 March 2012.

The Herald Sun published an item about what we’re doing on page 22 of the Saturday, 10th March 2012 edition. See it online at

We’ve also added support for the social media newcomer Pinterest – see Pinterest and this blog – or view our pinboards at Pinterest. Technology journalist Anthony Caruana mentioned what we’re doing with Pinterest and this blog on Lifehacker. See Selling Your House 2010s Style.

See how this WordPress based blog was built and operates at Mount Eliza Unit web site colophon.

Or, maybe just read about Why this blog exists.

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5/67 Canadian Bay Road, Mount Eliza VIC 3930 | Asking Price: $319,500 ONO | Home Unit / Apartment, 2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom, 2 Car Spaces | 50 metres from vibrant Mt Eliza Village In the heart of town, fronting the aptly named ‘Village Lane’, on the corner with ‘Canadian Bay Road’, this lovingly maintained, tastefully renovated, private ground floor, solid brick construction, home unit is a true value, prized find! This delightful apartment, in a quiet location, is perfect for those downsizing, early retirees, professional couples, busy singles, or first home owners seeking convenience and a sought-after beach-side locale. It’s absolutely ideal for owner/occupiers, and for property investors it's a prime location addition to your property investment portfolio. The most striking feature is the location, with the Mt Eliza Village cosmopolitan lifestyle of cafes and boutiques right on your doorstep. An easy, short walk to shops, supermarkets, restaurants, medical centres, public transport, parks, numerous sporting facilities, beaches, plus both public and private schools. Followed up with a spacious lounge/living room looking out onto your own sunny balcony/patio, plus an updated kitchen, complete with dishwasher, electric under bench oven, gas cook top, rangehood and meals area. Two generous sized bedrooms with built-in wardrobes, plus linen closet by the front door. It also offers a newly renovated, handy combined bathroom with shower and euro style laundry, separate toilet, plus ultra quiet, reverse cycle cooling and heating. With a fully enclosed front entry foyer, a protected front balcony/patio, plus rear terrace, it even boasts two allocated car spaces on the title, plus an external storage facility. The stylish, modern presentation in a neutral decor, fresh interior and exterior paintwork, new blinds throughout, plus the wonderful body corporate taking care of the community garden duties (no mowing!), all combine to deliver an ultra-low maintenance lifestyle. A lovely, tranquil, sunny spot to call home, as privacy and peace fill the atmosphere along with the chirping of the various rosellas and kookaburras that call this area their home. A dream come true, ready for you, there is absolutely nothing to do but move straight in. The vendor is able to offer short settlement terms. Don’t miss out! | Real Estate Agents: Eview Real Estate Partners Frankston David Politakis on 0438 779 735 or / Janice Dunn on 0402 285 698 or